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Re: What can I do?

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Posted by GyrFalcon on April 16, 2003 at 22:03:56:

In Reply to: What can I do? posted by Skyz on April 16, 2003 at 19:07:01:

Uh, did your vet ever culture the trachea? What can appear to be a URI, can actually be many different things. After the first round of antibiotics was unsuccesful, your vet should have done a culture and sensitivity. Not everything is treated with baytril or amikacin, and you need to find out exactly what it is that your snake has before treating. If your snakes are sick, most likely a burm rescue would just euthanize them. Most rescues don't have the money to treat a bunch of sick burms, when they have so many coming in already. Suggest this to your vet, and perhaps you can figure out what your snake has, and treat it appropriatly... Good Luck, and keep us posted...

:Hi! I have four Burms but two of them have had chronic respiratory problems. I have taken them to the vet time and time again. One has been on Amikacin, Baytel and back on Amikacin. I don't have money for what my vet calls a "cocktail" of medicines. The vet said that some times its just "weak genes", from a long line of inbreeding, that causes the reoccurring respiratory in Burms. I just don't have the time and money to continue this anymore. One I have been treating for over a year now. I don't want to euthenies either of them. What can I do with them? I hate to turn them over to a Burm rescue or something because 3 of my four Burms I've rescued my self. I keep their temperatures correct, there housed in large cages with a heating pad and lights. They are on aspen bedding. Everything is correct they just keep getting sick. These Burms are my babies (8 and 11 foot babies) but I just can't keep them any more and still treat them. What can I do with them?


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