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Unsure about shipping...more...

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Posted by nodaksnakelover on April 19, 2003 at 21:02:10:

In Reply to: Re: Northern Pine with first two eggs. posted by P-RAT on April 19, 2003 at 18:24:19:

The thing about shipping, for me anyhow is no one takes snakes, and to just put them in a box and ship by UPS and HOPE they get there the next day from the North Dakota outback is just not going to happen. And they randomly open boxes now. Should I take the risk of trying to ship my babies, and if they don't survive...I have to send a person's money back to them...when I did all the work hatching and getting them started? Not sure I can take that risk! Yet...there are now 12 eggs incubating... How else can I get rid of them? I'm shooting for having a table at the Midwest Herp Symposium, in Omaha, Nebraska in October. I figure one pair will stay here with me, and at least two other pairs are called for. I've never shipped out before, have always just taken my stuff to John Meltzer and he gives me a good price for my babies. Those were corns, these, the pines, I don't know. We'll see. Who knows, maybe, I don't know! Shipping is very risky. I am told by a friend who works for UPS now that he wouldn't want to ship UPS now that he knows what conditions those baby snakes go through. Makes you think. Plus I've had baby corn snakes shipped to me cross country that just up and died on me shortly after arriving...shipping stress? I've been told they fumigate for bugs...That could do tiny lungs in! Yet, yes, I've had stuff shipped to me cross country that did fine. But when I take time to think about it, too many times stuff has died or done poorly in getting going. I do best when I can go direct, like to John's and pick up my babies or go to a show and get babies from a reputable breeder. A sticky situation for me is shipping. Especially from a little town far from any shipping line. I can't see even sending a box UPS from Fargo making it overnight to anywhere in the country. We'll see.
Russell Keys

::Here's a picture of my Northern Pine now in her third year laying eggs for the first time! And she gave me 12 very large white eggs! Wow! She had been digging a bit in the vermiculite so her head was covered with the stuff so apparently couldn't see me well at all, or just the fact that she's my baby and so dog tame for me that she didn't object to the intrusion. She laid the third egg shortly after this shot was taken of which I got a series of shots following this one shown in posts below. Enjoy the pics! Now I've got the two month wait, give or take!
::I just can't believe she laid 12 for her first clutch!!!
::Russell Keys
:Nice pictures and a beautiful snake,This is probly a stupid question but keep me in mind when the time comes for some to go,you probly already have a waiting list but just incase.

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