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Re: Brumation, breeding and Pituophis--->

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Posted by Paul Hollander on March 11, 2003 at 11:15:34:

In Reply to: Brumation, breeding and Pituophis---> posted by PitFiend on March 09, 2003 at 14:15:52:

:Hello to all,

: I read somewhere about how you are supposed to put your snakes into brumation for a couple years before they are actually to be bred... as in every year for like 2 years put them into brumation. Is this so?

I've posted to this effect in the past. I do not know that this is an absolute requirement. And I think it is less likely to be true for females than for males. But it has been true for my male Iowa bulls. And a buddy got some long term captive, wild caught adult n. pines. He got infertile eggs the second year and babies the third.

AFAIK, most temperate zone colubrids produce sperm in the summer for use either in the fall or spring breeding season. So IMHO, if the male is sterile the first spring, he produces sperm that summer and is ready to go for the second spring.

"Expect two brumations" is another way of saying that if you get babies after one brumation, then you did well. If not, then no big deal. Be patient and keep trying.

: About breeding: At what age are Pines and the like able to breed?

Third spring has been first breeding for mine.

Paul Hollander

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