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Re: Goodbye (again)...

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Posted by duffy on January 30, 2003 at 10:36:57:

In Reply to: Goodbye, for real this time... posted by glenn bartley on January 30, 2003 at 01:00:17:

We will miss your posts, Glen. I am a relative newcomer to the hobby and to kingsnake, only into it for about a year. I have learned valuable information from your posts, and have appreciated your efforts to treat all individuals, regardless of their level of expertise, with dignity and respect. I am curious to know specifics, if anyone can share, of what kinds of posts, for example, are being banned other than misplaced classifieds and outright vulgarity. As I am fairly new, I am also not aware of how kingsnake has changed over the years, and would like to hear opinions on that also. Any way, Glen, ...I'm glad I got to read some of your posts while you were still around. Good luck, and..."best regards" ... Duffy

:I would like to wish all of you Happy Herping, and good luck in all of your herpetological endeavors. I have decided to call it quits, and to no longer participate in the forums here at I imagine that most of you are aware of, what in y opinion, are the new severe restrictions that seem to me to be in place here at Examples are not being allowed to link to certain other sites, and the recent rash of the users being banned on the Field Collecting Forums and of the several posts that were deleted on those forums. I was not part of those postings, that is the specific ones that were erased, or of the ones for which people got banned; however I feel I must make a stand, and that is for me to stop using this site., was in my opinion, the best of all herpetological related web sites available; and not I say 'it was' as in the past tense. I believe that things around here have changed; and while such change may be the prerogative of the site owner, it is also my prerogative to lend support to those whom I feel were banned by, what in my opinion, are the new genre of overzealous restrictions here at, and which are enforced by, what in my opinion, is a group of power hungry monitors (not all of them - but certainly at least two or three fit this description in my belief). To show my support for those who were banned, and/or for those whose words were deleted from posts, I have decided to bring my business and my knowledge elsewhere. As kingsnake can restrict what is placed on these forums, we as users can restrict which sites we decide to patronize. I do not advertise on, but I have made purchases from several of's advertisers over the past 4 years or so (formerly as gbarthgwt). I will also immediately cease making any purchases from advertisers who exclusively utilize this site for advertising purposes. I also choose to patronize another site. One that offers many of the same advantages found here with an added bonus - it is a site that allows you to speak your mind as long as you do it civilly, and your mind does not have to agree with the thoughts of the site owner. I am sorry, that I cannot name that site here, but does not allow posts with the name of that site included within the message. Funny how they do not mention anything like that in their TOS, isn't it?

:Oh well, I am sorry I will not be sharing info with you any longer. I have truly enjoyed our discussions, even the more heated ones. I have also enjoyed seeing that there are lots of people out there who want to learn about herp keeping for the sake of herp keeping and not just to be odd or cool. Enjoy the hobby, and don't let anyone discourage you from doing what you want in this wonderful past time. Just please make sure to get as much knowledge as you reasonable can before you keep a new animal. If you post that you want a certain herp, and someone says, hey you are not smart enough and maybe you should keep a dog, well take it with a grain of salt, do your research, see if keeping such a critter is feasible, and then do it if it is the right thing to do. What I am saying is, do the research or have your parents help you do it, then make up your own mind or have your parents help here also. Don't just let the new age nay sayers be the ones who control your lives and your hobby.

:I really want to thank all of you who sought my help, all of you who helped to educate me to wonders before unknown to me in this hobby, those of you who took the time to reply to my posts, and those of you who just took the time to read them. I also want to thank the management (specifically Jeff) of for the opportunity to use the site, and for the years of fun I have had here. I just find it too bad that you, in my opinion, changed the way you run things. I, also in my opinion, find it sad that you brought down a site, that once had been the premiere herp web site, and wound up dragging it in the dirt. Yet, I do sincerely thank you for the good times while they lasted.

:Francis Tan (hope I got that right) you will be missed. Nyx - hang in there - you are coming along like a trooper and will be missed also (admittedly much to my surprise, I pegged you wrong at first, but I have learned better, so that would be to my pleasant surprise). I will also miss my discussions, and knowledge sharing with: Paul Hollander, Greg Longhurst, CulebrOnna, OilFan94, Snakeguy88, Hotshot, Chrish, Meretseger, Ryan Hoyer, Classic_Dums, Rudedogsurfrat, Poccodiablo, Ophidiphile, Andy_G, Wolfchan, Colchcine, Goyotle, Peregrinefalcon, Pierson (pretty sure he was banned), Thane, Greg Woodie, Retickeeper , MarcAntony, The Doc, and of course Marwhal (the New Voice of Reason at The list goes on and on and on…. Sorry if I did not mention your name and you think I should have, there are lots of you out there. Note that if I did mention your name, it was not because we always agreed with one another. Heck some times some of you and I virtually never agreed on anything; but it was that I enjoyed the chance to discuss things with you even if you and I obviously did not seem to like one another’s viewpoints.

:I guess it is time to move on and seek out fauna on other classifieds sites, at shows, and in the field. Hopefully some of you who have my email address will keep in touch.

:Wishing all of you happy herping and hoping to meet you out there in the field or at a show, or at that other site.

:Best regards,
:Glenn Bartley



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