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Posted by hotshot on January 18, 2003 at 08:14:59:

In Reply to: Re: Odd New Boa Behavior posted by SGRudedawg on January 16, 2003 at 23:14:33:

Yeah go ahead and take your little cheap shots. DJ should have taken the good solid advice given to him by several people.
When someone posts that they are a beginner/new to snakes and wanting a small snake, and then later post that they have gotten a Columbian red tail, and have no clue on what they are doing, then you know what, they deserve getting hammered.

I have seen too many people buy a "big" snake because it looks cool, or they want a large constrictor to impress people. But they dont have a clue as to the care of the snake, and the snake is the one to suffer! You do not go out and buy an animal that you have no clue as how to care for it, and then learn the care of it by trial and error!! You do some serious research first, and then you start out with something easy to care for and work your way up!!

Now as to me stating about DJ posting again later on with an anconda, that was sarcasm. I was trying to get a point across to him. I was not flaming him, merely trying to make him realize how bad it had looked that he had a ball python, and he wanted a smaller snake. Then the next week he posts he has traded the BP for a Columbian red tail, and has no clue as to what he is doing!!

If you feel it is ok for someone to go out and buy a snake, obviously beyond this persons knowledge, then you good sir are just as bad as the pet stores/dealers that push these snakes on anyone just to make a sale! Not caring if the person knows how to take care of the animal or not. The almighty dollar rules!!

And a columbian red tail gets larger than 4', and much larger than any coulubrid ever will. With it comes larger teeth, and it can inflict a pretty nasty bite.

So my advice to you DJ, is you have much to learn with this snake, and you have your homework cut out for you. Good luck.

:I dont know who wrote this... do you?
:Posted by hotshot on January 09, 2003 at 14:16:21:

:Relish in degrading people or giving totally off the wall answers?

:If you cant give a good answer to someones question dont reply! Good solid advice is one thing, but telling someone to go and get a dog or cat?? Come on people, do you think you were born knowing everything about snakes?? Everyone has to start somewhere, and if I were new to snakes and asked a question on here and got a snide remark, I would be peeved!

:Have a little more respect for others, and if you dont know what your talking about, keep your stupid answers to yourselves.

:Geez, had to get that off my chest!

:P.S> I wouldnt say you were really rude to the guy, but you sure could have been a lot nicer and still say the same things. You dont want people to just forget about asking questions for fear of the replies do you? Especially from "beginners" when they need a helping hand?

::I dont know why your snake would be doing that. Stress maybe.

::Just a question for you. What made you decide to get a columbian red tail? You do realize how big they get dont you? Just strikes me odd that you wanted a "king, corn or smaller boa" in your last post, and now you have a red tail. I just hope your not posting on here again in a few months saying you want to trade this one in on something smaller and end up getting an anaconda.

:::I purchased a baby columbian boa at an expo this saturday. I know that the show was fairly stressful for the snakes.

:::I know it's only been three days but, I have a question about what type of behavior is typical or atypical for a new snake.

:::The first day she was out a lot, exploring. The past two days she has been sleeping a lot in her plant that's in the tank. All of that is fine, but what I am concerned about is that sometimes at night, when she wakes up, she does this thing that is very odd...

:::She braces her head and neck on the corner of the tank and just stares upward for very long periods of time. Is this normal? Is this bad? Should I be concerned? I have been leaving her alone, so as to not stress her out more, but she is still doing this after three days. Is this behavior related to her being stressed out?

:::what types of behaviors are "normal" or typical of new boas from these shows?

:::Please Help!!!




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