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Re: 4 feet?!

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Posted by Classic_Dums on January 17, 2003 at 04:44:47:

In Reply to: 4 feet?! posted by CulebraOnna on January 16, 2003 at 14:46:09:

You are right IMO. I am no expert either but I have a basement full of true Colombian boas and the only 4 foot ones are between 1-2 years old. The person who asked the question did say he bought a Colombian. Which will almost always exceed 4 feet. All of my adult males are 6 ft. plus. There are always exceptions to every rule but IMO a 4-ft. adult would be the exception. I also have a 9.5-ft. female who weighs 50lbs. She is huge, but she is also 11-12 years old. Also the hybrid that was shown below this is not an accurate description of a Colombian because it is a hybrid. Anything can happen with hybrids. I just don't want this person to think they will have a 4 ft. adult on their hands when it is MOST LIKELY that it will be 6 ft +. The behavior the boa is showing, I have seen before in stressed out boas, but be on the lookout for other things just as everyone else has said here. It is probably nothing, but keep a close eye just in case. I would check and double check the conditions inside the cage to make sure they are in within the proper settings and place several hide boxes in there too! A book you might want to pick up being new to boas is the boa constrictor manual. You can buy it on for under $10. It is a great little book with alot of great pictures and information about the different types of boas and husbandry of them. I still use it to refer back to! And please don't hesitate to post here or you can email me directly if you have any questions. We are all here to help! I remember when I started, I had so many questions that I thought were really stupid but they weren't because I didn't know the answer. We all have to start somewhere! Good luck with your new boa. And keep us posted.
Danni :) SMILE

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