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THANK YOU very much, it is 3 toed................tnx again

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Posted by DMeyer20 on April 29, 2003 at 22:36:16:

In Reply to: NEED HELP.................Very Bad!!!!!!!! posted by PHBoxTurtle on April 29, 2003 at 20:50:54:

:There are several states that no longer allow the sale of box turtles, that might be what he means about being rare. However, the most important thing is to make a POSITIVE ID. I would not go by what the petstore employee told you. You must search the internet for box turtle pictures or scan one in and post iot here so we can give you the right information for the turtle you have. However, I will answer your questions as if Rambo was a Three-toed.
::1. Does in need a hot spot and what should the temp be?

:Yes, just like a snake-all turtles regulate their body temp by thermoregulation. They need access to warm and cool side. A ten gallon tank is too small to provide the the different temp zone. You were correct to say the turtle needs a bigger tank. One side should be about 84 degrees and the other side around 75.

::2. He feed it monkey biscuts its whole life, what should it be eating other than meal worms and the biscuts?

:This is a terrible diet. Box turtles are omnivores and must have a varied diet. Please read the diet chapter of my online box turtle care book.

::3. What should the humidity be?

:At least 50%, 75-80% is better.

::4. Can it swim and if it can, does it like to?

:Box turtles like to wade in shallow water. They will soak in water for hours on a hot day. Most box turtles are not good swimmers so a deep pond is not what you should provide, but they do need water each day and a shallow bowl of water should be available at all time.

::5. How many years will it live

:I personally know several three-toeds who are over 50 years old and they look like they still have many years to live. It is well known that box turtles are long lived. If Rambo is well cared for he could live to be 50 or more!

::6. Does it need a hide?

:I always provide a hide box for my box turtles. Why, because all creatures need to feel secure, not exposed. In the wild, box turtles hide under roots, grass, leaves. We should try our best to provide for them as they would live in the wild.

::7. Should the substrate be deep enough so it can dig?

:Yes, at least 5 inches.

::8. ARe we using the right subsrate?

:Yes, but keep it moist. I would add a lot of terrarium moss as it holds moisture well.
::9. Can it survive outside or should it stay inside?

:Depends on where you live. Where? Outside is the best for box turtles if you can provide a safe, predator proof pen.

::10. would a shelf be a good idea in the cage?

:Do you mean a ramp? It's not necessary. The best thing you can do is to provide as much ground space as possible. Box turtles have a large home range in the wild. They like to roam.

::11. Should it be soaked like snakes?

:They can be soaked in a few inches of tepid water a few times a week, but more important is to have a shallow dish of clean water available at all time so it can soak itself.

::12. do they shed?

:Do you mean their skin or shell? The do not shed their shell like many water turtles. They shed their skin but not like snakes. They do it like humans, a little bit at a time :) Please write back when you know exactly what kind of turtle you have. I have many pictures of box turtles on my webpage. Just follow the link to my turtle's very own webpage :)

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