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Captive conditions....

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Posted by Jorge Horna on May 07, 2003 at 10:23:42:

In Reply to: Captive conditions.... posted by RioBravoReptiles on May 07, 2003 at 09:15:42:

I guess i'm not being understood in here...

I know Jorge said he was not starting a thread here.. basically that's like tossing a bone into a crowd of hungry animals

The reason i said that is because i respectfully responded to Herman. I have not mentioned any other names; however, this is an open forum and anyone has the right to read, and respond to any thread. I don't usually run away from anything.

Indirectly, if we purchase animals from those who mistreat animals we are allowing or even encouraging that condition to continue, although I allow that the need to rescue an individual animal from some horrible situations is too strong to resist.

Sorry, but i DO NOT believe so. Perhaps you are one of the few with a great heart, but it's all about $$$

Jorge's photos and remarks implied an association with and support of those people keeping boas in terrible conditions. ok, those farmers themselves are poor and live in shacks..

Once again, there are thousands of people around the world dying because they cannot afford a piece of bread. Perhaps, if these people would have money, the living conditions of the animals would improve.

Returning to rule #1, when we take an animal into captivity we are 100% responsible for it.. Of course, that may not be their way and perhaps they will improve conditions there as time passes but that still leaves a couple of valid observations.


Second.. if these poor people are not keeping boas for sale to the live animal trade.. are they maintaining them for the skin-trade? for food? If they aren't keeping them for money, then our friend Jorge should easily convince them to release those boas and keep more chickens instead..

How about trying to convince every single people in this country from buying WC animals? If i was the major of the city of Iquitos i would raise as many funds as i can to the better the living conditions of the wild animals and poor people.

If my remarks offend somebody

Not at all.

I believe going over and over about an important issue without and agreement would get us nowhere. I do respect you, but it is more than obvious the disagreement we have in here. Let's move on. There are other things to do and take care right now.

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