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constipated?How often do they deficate?

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Posted by Tracey on May 12, 2003 at 19:16:52:

In Reply to: constipated?How often do they deficate? posted by marcello on May 12, 2003 at 15:39:43:

Sounds like you have him in a great set-up. Temps seem totally could use a spiral flouescant on the cool side to raise the temp a touch and it will brighten the cage which they like, get the one that is equivalent to 100 watt will emit much less heat but probably raise the ambient tank temp on the cool side a couple of degrees. Turn the heat lamp off at heat source is needed unless your room goes below 70 degrees at night. Good luck and keep us posted on his progress.

:He is about 14" long, tank is 4x2, 8% uvb;~35% uva light which is 36"long, and a 150 watt Zoomed ceramic heat lamp. I am using a sand substrate and feed him his crickets in the same bowl as the greens. He is in my bedroom which can get a little cool. The highest point in the basking spot can get up to about 105 but the rest of cage can be as low as 74...I'm thinking I my need another lamp. The lighting and heat lamp are about 28" from the floor..should I lower them. I did buy a couple books but they aren't very specific about details like this. This is my first lizard.
:btw I kept the heat lamp on all night and he made a little "burrow" at the oppsite end of the cage. I'm thinking I should maybe get a lower power lamp to keep on all night.
:Thanks for your replies

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