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Posted by Tracey on May 11, 2003 at 16:15:01:

In Reply to: P.S. posted by azteclizard on May 11, 2003 at 13:34:55:

:I don't wish to argue this with you. I don't doubt that it works, I have doubts about the claims. Most of what we know about reptile nutrition comes from what we know about mammalian and avian nutrition. Do you think the makers of absolute calcium are basing there claims on research of the product on reptiles? I have trouble with this comment in the FAQ's.

:"Q: How does ABSOLUTE Calcium work?

: A: The silica in the plants used converts to calcium making assimilation superior to any other source."

:Silica is a pure element, it can not and will never "convert" to calcium.

:Does the label list the ingedients? I'm curious as to what's in it.


::I've been using AbsoluteCalcium as long as I've been using Parazap (about 2 yrs)..If the claims weren't solid, all 6 of my dragons would surely have MBD by now.


:::Claiming that is complete BS is BS! The studies that have been done are on humans. So claiming that it is BS isn't founded either. It's nothing more then your opinion. Bearded dragons have a totally different way of digesting then humans. Calcium carbonate must be taken w/food in order to work and assisted by stomach acids. If I'm not mistaken, bearded dragons digest their food with bacterias moreso then acids.
:::In simple terms, could a rock or shell source better be digested/absorbed or a plant source? It's a no brainer to me.
:::Ya know, when Parazap first came out val took alot of BS and negativity from people, they are all eating crow now.
:::He's been into herbs for 30 yrs. or more and there is no doubt in my mind that he has evidence that his calcium does what it says.



::::It is complete BS. The claims are not based on any real science. If they are I would like to the research. Calcium carbonate and calcium citrate are the most common forms of calcium found in human supplements. Carbonate has the most elemental calcium (about 40%). In studies,Citrate has been proven to be absobed better, but when taken with a meal calcium carbonate absorbs just as well. Since we dust our food items, I think it is a great for of calcium for reps. One thing I can warn you about is the high d3 levels in rep cal. Unless they changed there formulation, it is like 400,000 I.U. per kilo, which is quite high. Miner-all I has 4400 I.U. per kilo, which is a much safer level. I have never heard of any cases, but if you overuse rep-cal you could run a risk of d3 toxicity. I'm not saying don't use it, just to be careful. You could mix it with the rep-cal without d3 to bring the levels down. Anyway, I don't want to rant, I would say save your money and keep using what you using.
:::::I was looking at the classifieds and decided to read a absolute calcium ad. It states that reptiles are unable to use the calcium carbonate. Is this true? I use Rep Cal Calcium, should I be using something different? I assumed my dragons were "using" it as it is marketed for reptiles!! Is the ads statements just a advertising technique or is it true? On the site I went to it says that they only are able to use about 30-40% of most calcium supplements with calcium carbonate at the bottom. Im lost now! I guess I didnt do enough research on this! I didnt think I really had to as I thought I was using what I should be. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, LM




Yes, they have been testing on their reptiles for several years now, they are breeders and sell healthy soundly bred animals.....obviously it I stated I have been using it for almost 2 years now.....on my beardies....hatchlings to adults.....chameleons....hatchling to adults....and various other reptiles like my uros, toads, tegus and geckos I have.....all with good results and perfect calcium levels on their vet checks. It's not a scam or a trick.....we're not saying that Repcal or other products given in sufficient quantities won't work....just that this product safe and all natural and since more of it is absorbed by the reptiles system, they need less and are less likely to have problems. I even had 2 rescues adults who were 19 inches and weighed less than 250 grams each, they were full of parasites and had low serum calcium levels......I used the parazap and absolute calcium daily to bring them back to optimum health....within 30 days with the calcium, their serum levels were back to normal and within 60 days their coccidia levels were normal and their worm infestations were gone. I don't wish to argue either but unless you have proof that it doesn't work or the claims they are making about absorption are false, maybe the appropriate comment for you is that I use the standard calcium product and it works for me, I have not tried the Absolute calcium and don't know whether it works or not. If you can find research that backs your claim that whole food calcium products are not absorbed and used more readily then please share it with us, but don't bad mouth a product that you don't have the real info on. If you contact Val at, I'm sure he'll be glad to show you his info with you as he did with me before I started using his products. Maybe he'll change your mind.....I'm always looking for more natural products and ways to keep my reptiles healthier, I'm sure you are too.....

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