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2 questions about feeding/eating

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Posted by LindsayMarie on May 09, 2003 at 09:21:20:

In Reply to: 2 questions about feeding/eating posted by Jo_OscarsMom on May 09, 2003 at 07:35:52:

Sorry to hear that the fecal came up positive! I was the one who had posted about the importance of cage sterilization during treatment (and even after).

A couple suggestions:
1. Take all cage ornaments out of the cage and soak in a bleach & water bath. (Do not put back in until after treatment)
2. Clean cage thoroughly with a mixed bleach & water solution (approx 1/4-1/2 cup bleach to a gallon of water). Rinse WELL!
3. Use paper towels during treatment and clean up any poo/pee as soon as it is seen.
4. Again clean cage thoroughly with bleach solution at least a few times a week, preferably almost daily. Rinse well!
5. Use disposable paper plates for each feeding or clean food bowl daily.
6. I would throw out all feeder insects and start with new batches from possibly a different company. I always had good luck with
7. Do not reuse food items. In otherwards, if your dragon doesnt want the worms or crickets you put in his cage, do NOT put them back in the feeder bin! This most likely will start the cycle again in your feeder foods, which your dragon eats.

If Oscar is on albon or recently has been on albon (to treat coccidia) that could be the cause of her diminished appetite. Its important when treating with albon to keep your dragon well hydrated which it sounds you are doing :) Also did your vet treat with panacur as well? Oscar would need both albon and panacur to rid of both coccidia and hookworms. Also what was the dosage he prescribed?

The hand feeding with baby food is ok. I would start to hand feed only once a day using pedialyte and either baby chicken or Zupreem brand baby bird formula (better nutrition). This will cut back on the amount to hopefully start her appetite back up and will still allow you to keep her completely hydrated. Also it will keep some food in her belly.

Its important to still be offering greens and if you choose to switch to pellets you can add those as well. I am not going to flame you for switching (if you choose too). I personally wouldnt feel comfortable cutting out their natural insect protein. Others use rep cal bearded dragon food with greens and have no problem though. So I am assuming you could use zoo med with greens. Dont forget to use supplements if needed (read the labels etc). Also you should consider the can of insects they have out (worms, crickets, grasshoppers)? They should be rid of any parasites as they are cooked I believe! I could be wrong though.

I think though that if you have the proper (stress free), size appropriate cage, along with the right lighting, heating. Not to mention a good live food source you shouldnt have as much of a problem with parasites! If I had to guess I would say that Oscar isnt getting completely rid of them (or she is and the food is infected or the cage still has remnants of parasites)and that is why you are having the recurrent problem. Others may disagree. But that is my educated guess. Whatever decisions you make or routes you go I wish you luck! I know how stressful things can get and hopeless it sometimes feels. Thats part of being a parent (whether to a pet or child!) hehe. Let me know if I can help anymore. Sorry so long! Take care and keep us posted. LindsayMarie

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