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My B/G will not eat on his own ???? Long post Sorry :(

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Posted by mlcad1 on May 08, 2003 at 18:07:59:

In Reply to: My B/G will not eat on his own ???? Long post Sorry :( posted by veronicag on May 08, 2003 at 16:18:56:

Thank you for taken the time to read the long post and for your help . OK I am feeding all my B/D collard greens , mustard greens , and turnip green Mix .Also I am giving them Apples once and a while .I am dusting the crix and the vegg. every two or three days with reptocal.I have a REPTISUN 5.0 UVB all so a bask lap with a reptile light 75 wt. his temp is 100 on hot and 86 on cool .he has a log he gets on about 6 inches from the light and no he is not pooping on a daily basis it is more like every few days . all he does is sit on his log . We are taking him outside on a lesh he does run out side and seems to like it but that is the most he moves. if I take him out of his cage then he will walk around but when he is in his cage he just sits there .Maybe some times he moves but not like the others . No the other owners did not have a uvb light on them .They had them together and they feed him crix from out side and giant mealworms and apples .They only had one basking spot and it was only 80 . they also gave them a tumes and gatorade once or twice a week .oh i am also giving them a bath once a week cause they needed to shed when I got them and they are still shedding .But they look alot better and have gained weight . The one just is not eatting on is own . When i put the crix in his mouth it looks like he is having a hard time chewing them . any way thank you for your help .
MLCAD1 lover of bearded dragons .

:I really want to help you out, but need more info first. I rescue dragons and will try my best. =D What kind of veggies, greens, and fruit are you feeding on a daily basis. The one that isn't eating, what does he do? Is he lethargic and sleepy all day? Does he bask under the heat lamp and poop on a daily basis? What kind of UVB are you providing and how far away from the beardies is it? Are you supplementing them with extra calcium either in the salad or dusted on insects?

:First of all, the meds that your beardies were on to kill the round worm most likely killed the good bacteria in the beardies gut. Try giving the one that isn't eating a dose of low fat fruit flavored yogurt once or twice a day for several days. The yogurt will not hurt beardies, in fact they usually like the taste of it and will eagerly lick it up. However, you may have to be a little forceful to get it in his mouth. Just pry his mouth open gently and use a syringe (without the needle!). The yogurt will replace the good bacteria that is necessary to digest food. Yoplait is a good brand because it has "active cultures." This is the good bacteria.

:If your beardie is chewing up the crickets when you put them in his mouth, there can't be any harm in that, except for the fact that he should be doing this on his own.

:A beardies diet is very important. It can be the difference in living a long, healthy life or a weak and sick life. I know, I've seen them all. The previous owner didn't have UVB on them and most likely didn't feed them properly. Go to my website at the bottom and get some info off of my nutrition content page. It is loaded with info on what to feed beardies. You want to pick items that contain more calcium than phosphorus and that have little or no oxalates. If the two rescued beardies didn't have UVB and a good diet with high calcium, it's very possible that the one that isn't eating could be suffering from MBD. And the other one might not be far behind. You can also read about this disease on my site.

:Good luck!


::I have three bearded dragons .My first was christmas .Then about two mths. I took in two sick dragons .They were very bad off .Were to start ?? They were On dirt like gravel from outside so I got them off this and put them on filter playsand .They were together so got a tank diver in a 55gal tank . They did not have a UVB light on them at all so I got one to fit the hole tank .I gave both of them a basking light .I have the tank temp. up to 100 on both sides they also have a cool spot that is 86 they have a log and a rock to climb under .The small one was inpacked . I took them to the vet . Were I found out they had round worms . They both were gave meds.The Big male I named samson Is big and doing great .He is eatting greens ,Crix , Apples, the smaller one would not eat .They vet said I should give him baby food two droppers full a day .(I Had to do to my baby when I first got her) I found out they get spoiled so I give him vegg. every day and give him crix but he still will not eat them .I have now stopped with the baby food. I am opening his mouth and putting the crix in .He is eatting them that way ,But it is like he is having a hard time chewing them .But he will not eat on his own ....I don't know if this will hurt him or if I should keep doing this . He is pooping . but not actting like the others . He is 1 1/2 years old .The only thing he does is sit on his log and bask. I can't think of any thing els you would wont to know so any help I would love Thanks


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