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My two sense...

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Posted by zz on May 08, 2003 at 10:00:39:

In Reply to: ARGH---pet store fury posted by dmlove on May 07, 2003 at 17:35:58:

I do understand your frustration. However, I think we have to look at what is going on here. Pet stores are considered "retail" stores...ok, actually specialty retail stores. These kinds of businesses typically employ people with no formal training. I don't bother asking pet store people anything! I am sure some people who work at pet stores are knowledgable, but ANY pet owner should know what they need to make thier pet comfortable BEFORE they purchase the pet. That is for any pet, this is especially important for reptiles. They rely soooo heavily on thier environment.

For example, you wouldn't expect just anyone at Lowe's to be able to redecorate your house...those are two different jobs. The same is true for Pet stores. They SELL the stuff, it is up to YOU to take care of the pet...that should include set up.

So before you buy a pet...research it. It took me 2 months of research to decide a Beardie was for me. by the time I brought my little guy home... I had everything I needed (I hate to tell you, but we used Calci-Sand from the beginning--per breeder suggestion. ZZ's first home was a 20L, now he lives in a 55 with wheat bran--cheaper)

:well ok i work at a pet store, and i know pretty much about the reptiles there...and when i was selling this guy this big bearded dragon setup (75 gallon tank, the bearded dragon itself, crix, basking logs, spray bottle, UVB bulb, basking bulb, etc etc etc) that i made up the day before, and someone had this big question about soemthing so my coworker comes up to me and asks me if i can help her, and so, because i thought this girl had some reptile knowledge, i told her to take my sale with the bearded dragon and get the rest of the supplies for the guy...and so i go and help this one guy with this one thing, and when i come back i over hear my coworker that i gave my sale to, conversing with the customer about how calci-sand is the #1 substrate and how 75 gallon is WAY TOO BIG for an adult male beardie (WHAT THE!!!!) and she was saying how you dont need the UVB light, it just enhances the color, and there is no need for supplements because when the dragon eats off the sand it is beneficial because he gets the calcium and vitamins the dragon needs with it...i was liKe " WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?!??! "and i yell at her and then explain to her all that she said wrong, and explained to the customer why he needed everything that i told him to, (he was looking QUITE confused) and i told him calci-sand is horrible, he should get repti carpet, bran, or washed playsand with no silica in it, and i told him he should have at LEAST a 55 gallon for this adult, preferably the 75 gallon, and that he NEEDS the supplements and UVB light, and so finally he bought everything he needed!!! GOSH! i really think we should get some person from a company or some person who knows a lot of herp things to go around to pet stores and at meetings explain to them why things are needed and what things are good/beneficial and what things to stay away from and things like that, so we can actually start relying on pet stores for beneficial information, not false info....oh well...sorry about the venting...i had to...


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