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new baby dragons

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Posted by shek on May 08, 2003 at 00:56:52:

In Reply to: new baby dragons posted by guanababy on May 08, 2003 at 00:35:59:

::Hi everyone,
::Just want to say first that I much appreciate the info I've got by reading over this forum the past few days. I have a question of my own now. =)
::My wife and I are now the proud owners of 2 baby beardies. We aren't new to lizards but are new to beardies. We had an iguana for several years. Took us awhile after he died (sniff, sniff) but we finally decided to put that huge cage of his to good use and get some new pets. Currently I've got their basking light all set up but need/want to put a uvb light in now. My issue is how to mount it. We've got a 75gallon glass critter cage. Two, 22" openings on the top. I have not yet seen a hood that would fit this. And even if I did, I've been reading that the light should be within 12" of the basking spot. This is not going to happen without either raising the basking spot or lowering the light. I'm not sure how I would go about attaching a light to a glass plate like that if I did choose to place the light lower in the cage. Any idea? Pointers to someplace with a hood that would fit?
::The cage does have metal locking grills that cover each side, but we arent using them as it seems pointless. I am assuming when the beardies get larger we still will not have any issues with an open top but I wouldn't mind any opinions on this also as it would help determine if a hooded light is even a good idea to begin with..
::To sum that up.. ;) the cage is.. 48"Long 20"Tall 18"wide
::with 2, 22" openings on top
::Thanks much,

:Hey This may help I have a couple of 80 gallon tanks I keep my dragons in and the best thing I found to get them the proper uvb they need is to get a Zoo Med Powersun MVB 100watt or 160watt depending on your other basking lights now this may cost you more you can find them between 40-55 dollars but they produce way way more uvb than the strip lights and can project it up to 6 feet as long as the closest spot to the light is at least 12 inches away, It will fight in a normal hood light fixture and also put off quite a bit of heat but it is great for dragons as it gives them the high uvb they need, oh one other suggestion how old and big are your dragons?? if they are still young you may want to house them in a much smaller cage until they get bigger its alot easier for them to catch food that way hope this helped.

Current lighting is a 150w zoo med spot.. Its a bit much so I've raised it considerably higher than I wish it to be until I get a smaller one next week. The babies are very much babies. I got them at a petstore and the lady that sold them told me said they were 2mo old.. I am very sure she did not have a clue at all (nor did I at the time) and that they are more like 2-3weeks old now.. I've had them almost a week. they were about 3" when I got them. I've heard ppl suggest putting them in a smaller tank and it makes sense but they are eating like pigs so I dont see the need. I drop the crickets clear on the other side of the tank and the larger one will do a flying leap off his rock to get at them =).. The smaller of the two is not quite so enthused but does not suffer a bit at mealtime Im sure hehe. A UVB spot might be the answer as opposed to a strip.. Sure would be easier to mount thanks for the idea I'll check it out.

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