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True... but

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Posted by sijae on May 12, 2003 at 19:32:47:

In Reply to: True... but posted by Krystal19_85 on May 12, 2003 at 13:23:44:

:I still think normals are overpriced sometimes, I will be selling them for cheap because I didn't put that much money into them, but there will be some more expensive than others if they are extreemly pretty. I will NOT sell problem feeders for anything BUT PROBLEM FEEDERS (some people like to lie) they will be cheaper than the ones that feed well. I will have detailed discriptions of temperment, feeding, shedding, ect... with each baby I put on my site, all with appropriate prices.

I think you are being idealistic and unrealistic. You are highly underestimating the cost of raising up and breeding just one pair of balls. Even if you are breeding your own rats there are expenses involved. Have you calculated a reasonable estimate of heating, housing, substrate, food, incubation, and vet care? Add to that the cost of advertising, paperwork and the time it takes you to care for them (and with the standard of care and service you keep talking about I have to assume that if you have more than a few breeding groups you will have to quit your day job or hire someone) and you're looking at a substantial investment. One worth much more than a few bucks.

:I will be selling everything for fair and competive prices, my only concern is that people will think I am ripping them off because my prices will be low.

You are right, thats exactly what a lot of people will think. You get what you pay for. Do you always pay the lowest price you can get on things? I shop around, it's true. But I often pay more for better quality. When buying something where the quality of the product is dependent on the sellers integrity, I do not buy solely based on price. If someone offered to build me a garage for 10K I'd laugh them out of my house. When someone seriously under-charges for something, I assume that they are either too inexperienced to know better and as such not someone I want to depend on, or are planning to rip me off by providing sub-standard goods or not providing them at all. So yes, you should worry about that. On the other hand, people claiming the next great morph which isn't and trying to sell normal babies for several hundred are also either ignorant or trying to scam you or both. The key is to analyze the market and consider your own time and expenses and decide what they are truly worth.

It sounds like you want a pat on the back for saving the world by selling snakes for a loss. You wont get it. If you want to provide charity, then create a breeding program by which you can give to the community. If you are serious about business or even supporting your hobby, then charge what they are worth.


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