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I am new to this WHOLE thing, so a little about Me and Zan

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Posted by ProtaZoey on May 06, 2003 at 17:56:34:

In Reply to: I am new to this WHOLE thing, so a little about Me and Zan posted by Sonya on May 06, 2003 at 17:35:45:


::But yeah, about the feeding during a shed cycle....would I be wasting my time and money trying to feed him right now??

:Yes, you would likely be wasting the mouse and stressing the snake. I would wait until he is through his shed and then wait a day or two and offer. Give him a damp moss hide now so that he has higher humidity and a good chance of a good shed.
: I can't tell from your pict but it looks like he is on crushed walnut shells or something equally indigestible. So I would either feed him out of his enclosure (it will help if he is used to that) or change to something less likely to impact if he eats any. Just my thoughts.

I am one step ahead of you on that! I already have a designated feeding box for him. I feed him in a Rubbermaid box, drilled holes in the top for air. He is used to being fed in there, as I know most substrates are not good for snakes to ingest and cause serious trouble or death.

I figured I was correct in assuming he would not want to feed during a shed, but thought I would seek some advice anyway. Thanks to the both of you who replied on this.

Zoe & Zan

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