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Philippine Reptile Common Names

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Posted by Jonel on September 04, 2001 at 15:22:01:


i would like to ask for help on some english names of the following animals for my website. if also have more info on Philippine Fauna please email me. thank you.

(Bronchocela marmorata)
(Draco bimaculatus)
(Draco jareckii)
(Draco ornatus)
(Draco palawanensis)
(Draco reticulatus)
(Gonocephalus sophiae)
(Lepidodactylus aureolineatus)
(Lepidodactylus balioburius)
(Luperosaurus joloensis)
(Emoia ruficauda)
(Mabuya indeprensa)
(Parvoscincus palawanensis)
(Sphenomorphus knollmanae)
(Sphenomorphus llanosi)
(Sphenomorphus tagapayo)
(Sphenomorphus victoria)
(Tropidophorus davaoensis)
(Tropidophorus grayi)
(Tropidophorus leucospilus)
(Tropidophorus misaminius)
(Tropidophorus partelloi)
(Tropidophorus rivularis)
(Tropidophorus stejnegeri)

(Ramphotyphlops cumingii)
(Ramphotyphlops suluensis)
(Typhlops canlaonensis)
(Typhlops castanotus)
(Typhlops collaris)
(Typhlops hedraeus)
(Typhlops hypogius)
(Typhlops luzonensis)
(Typhlops manilae)
(Typhlops marxi)
(Typhlops ruficaudus)
(Ahaetulla prasina preocularis)
(Boiga philippina)
(Boiga dendrophila latifasciata)
(Boiga dendrophila multicincta)
(Calamaria bitorques)
(Calamaria joloensis)
(Calamaria mearnsi)
(Calamaria palavanensis)
(Calamaria zamboangensis)
(Calamaria vermiformis grayi)
(Dendrelaphis caudolineatus terrificus)
(Elaphe erythrura erythrura)
(Elaphe erythrura celebensis)
(Elaphe erythrura philippina)
(Elaphe erythrura psephenoura)
(Hologerrhum philippinum)
(Lycodon alcalai)
(Lycodon bibonius)
(Lycodon chrysoprateros)
(Lycodon dumerili)
(Lycodon mulleri)
(Lycodon tessellatus)
(Myersophis alpestris)
(Oligodon maculatus)
(Oligodon modestus)
(Oligodon perkinski)
(Oligodon vertebralis notospilus)
(Pseudorabdion ater)
(Pseudorabdion oxycephalum)
(Pseudorabdion talonuran)
(Pseudorabdion taylori)
(Rhabdophis spilogaster)
(Sibynophis bivattatus)
(Calliophis calligaster gemianulis)
(Calliophis calligaster mcclungi)
(Maticora intestinalis bilineata)
(Maticora intestinalis philippina)
(Maticora intestinalis suluensis)
(Hydrophis cincinnatti)
(Trimeresus schultzei)

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