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hey Doug

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Posted by tanks on November 21, 2002 at 04:32:40:

In Reply to: Re: winter cool down????? posted by Doug Beckwith on November 18, 2002 at 19:04:56:

Simple a/c solution, i can get a window unit to cool a room to about 45 or by mixing in some r22 i can get it down to about 30 degrees. Take the unit apart, UNPLUGGED of course. Pull the thermostate out completetly remove the thin cover over the thermostate, sometimes there are some bend tabs take a pair of pliers & carefully unbend them (you will have to bend them back to put it back together) here you will see a spring with a plate (the contacts) on the plate there will be a little screw with an arrow pointing a direction turn the screw all the way. Now you have to go to home depot & get a programable digital window unit thermostate (hunter makes one) set it at the desiered temp & plug your window unit into it & if you sized your window unit right it will hold that temp. I live in south texas & i can hang meat in my snake building.

If you have a newer digital thermostate with a pc board or someother type you can still do this, take & cut the wires off of the board ensure you have the hot & common connected together, if it is a 220 type rather than 110 you might have 2 hots & 2 commons hook one leg of the 220 to the common & the other leg of the 220 to the other common. Use a good heavy duty wire nut to secure the wires (due to the heat created by the amp draw) now carefull tuck the wires back in the unit & plug into the digital thermostate (i think they make a 220 model just like the 110)

make sure you have the digital programable thermostate if not the unit will run none stop & ice up, when pushing the unit to cool to this temps you must keep the filter very clean or it will ice up.

I have been using an a/c unit like this for 10 years with great success & have showed others how to do it. I have a new window unit im getting ready to do this to, if you need some pics to understand maybe i will take some to post.

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