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Re: In your original post, you didn't mention you kept exotics..

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Posted by Dragon Master on November 19, 2002 at 08:03:33:

In Reply to: In your original post, you didn't mention you kept exotics.. posted by tj on November 14, 2002 at 12:21:52:

:I read it as if it were a paper against exotics, the more recent postings are worded better. If you were to contact the HSUS, I'm sure they can give you some REALLY good examples, however, most will be gross exaggerations, much like the crocodile example someone used. That story has been going around for years, that's why there was that stupid B movie 15 years ago. I think exotics that have never been hand fed, have a better chance than a pet that is dumped off somewhere. Ex.. an animal that is wild, that makes it's way onto a plane or ship. They have their natural instincts, therefore they will be much more successful than an animal that has been fed for years then gets dumped. Some may argue that point, but let's face it, animals get used to being fed by humans, alligators and bears are good examples. Certain exotics, no matter what, are not going to survive in certain areas. If they could, they would be established by now. Personally, I don't feel that many of the problems of exotics are from pets, it's from wild animals that were somehow introduced and managed to thrive
:Btw, the HSUS thing was a joke, you'll get nothing but garbage from them and others, PETA is another. They'll tell you about the salmonella risks and garbage like that.
:It's kinda funny how reptiles get a bad name, exotics especially. Not like domestic cats and dogs, that were at one point exotics, but are acceptable because they are "domesticated". In NY, we have a big problem with wild dogs, I have never heard of a problem with a rabid angry gecko. I would love to see one of those tree huggers go up to a coy-dog and try to give it a smooch, or try to calm down an angry farmer who loses a cow every night.

:::Try the law forum and see what type of responses you get, if any. You're basically doing a paper against exotics, you're not going to find much help.

:::Actually it isn't againt exotics at all. My topic is about all animals kept and to hopefully educate people about the animal and to hopefully keep animals out of the hands of the negligent. Why would I be against exotics when I keep them myself?

::::It's going to be about animal cruelty, animal dumping, among other things. My topic is about all animals, however, my focus is on exotic pets as when they get dumped they get the short end of the stick. My intent is to educate people about dumping animals and the affect they have on the environment. For example, a python killing local wildlife, stray dogs killing wildlife, etc. Obviously the only way this affects human health is if the animal bite or attacks you, but this can have an affect on the environment in other ways. Does anyone have any links they know of? I'm from Massachusetts by the way.

I could mention the kitten that was dumped in my neibor's yard a while back. The kitten passed. My naighbor strolled in the driveway and found a box and in it was the kitten. Of course, nobody saw anything. Of the animals which are dumped, that is usually what happens.



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